How to Get Inspiring Backyard Garden Ideas

victoria garden design ideas

Nothing is more inspiring than some quality time with the family in the back yard. Even if you don’t have a back yard, Victoria BC is full of many fabulous public gardens to spend time in, alone or with friends. For instance, we’re blessed with the elegant Butchart Gardens, one of the best kept paradises in all of Western Canada, where nature meets the order of human creativity to build a heavenly splendor that’s prettiness is impossible to deny. To get inspiring ideas for our own backyard, all we need to do is visit such wonderful places. And while the Butchart Gardens required a purchased ticket to enter, there are also free gardens in town, like the magnificent Beacon Hill Park.

By visiting these places, we can see what professional landscapers have done to create a beautiful landscape specifically designed for a wide public audience. Unlike private gardens which are designed to satisfy the owners of the property, the managers of public gardens must keep everyone in mind, and this allows for a diverse display of different flowers, bushes and trees.

back yard garden
backyard garden design

Public gardens are great, and can supply many ideas to the curious mind. However, that doesn’t mean private gardens aren’t a good source for inspiration as well. You don’t have to trespass on private property to glean ideas from their gardens. Just by walking down some of the older streets in Victoria BC, where there are many splendid restored historical buildings with well-maintained gardens, in areas like Fernwood and Oak Bay for instance, we can see what others have done with their own creative garden ideas. Although we can’t always see their backyard gardens, we can still get inspired by their front yard garden displays.

Perhaps my favorite way to get inspiring backyard garden ideas is by calling landscaping Victoria BC companies and asking them what kind of cool things they recommend. It may be inconsiderate to waste a company’s time if we don’t intend to hire their services, but some landscapers would be happy to oblige if we ask them kindly. When I last spoke with my favorite landscaping company in the area, they recommend rockeries and water features, but these kind of garden ideas can be expensive to install. Some more affordable options, they said, might be some custom paving and terraced garden walls that are easy for any one to install if you buy paving stones from a masonry supplier.

Lastly, if ideas are really hard to come by, try meandering through a store like Canadian Tire and check out their seasonal and garden sections for garden ideas. Sometimes all it takes is some flower seeds and gnomes to make things interesting. Every year we can make our gardens a little different by picking up some things from the store. To get inspired doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you’re still looking for the perfect garden idea for your back yard, I hope our blog post can help, and we hope you come back soon.

What’s New in Victoria BC? And How I Got Into Historical Building Restoration

historical building restoration in Victoria BC

A lot has happened since I moved to Canada as an Italian immigrant. I started off doing appliance repairs for a small local company, then ended up working in a gym as a janitor of all places, before finding new friends led me volunteering for historical building restoration projects across Vancouver Island. That’s why there’s a pun intended when I ask “What’s new in Victoria BC?” because I’m working with things that are so old!

Growing up in a small medieval town in Italy means I know how to appreciate old buildings, and though some of the character homes in Victoria BC are very old, from pioneer days, they aren’t as old as the ones back home. In many cases this is a good thing because although there’s less history there is more chance to preserve these buildings as part of their history for future Canadians to enjoy.

Victoria BC is already beautiful without all the old character homes. Tourists come to see the greenery and the ocean, and in Spring of 2022 there is great opportunity to see some of the most splendid sights that British Columbia has in store.

character home restoration in Victoria BC

For me, what’s new in Victoria BC is this volunteer passion effort. A lot of the time, old folks are too weak to manage restorations, so we volunteer, even put minds and money together, to get things like grants from the government, spare restoration supplies like bricks, paint and lumber, and mold removal Victoria BC services for some of the dilapidated buildings that have mold growing inside.

So far, we’ve remediated mold out of four buildings, just in under a month, and now we’re working on restoring the brick chimneys on several more. In Oak Bay where a lot of the older houses are offers an amazing view in several high places, where you almost get to step back into time and see all the hundreds of houses from the 1800s. Many restoration efforts are already underway by other organizations and private families in Victoria BC, but our little volunteer task force is just one new addition to help. If you would like to join our efforts and volunteer doing historical building restoration with me and my Italian friends, then get in contact.

We hope you enjoy the Spring weather!