November, my favorite time of year!


November is my favorite time of year because its the transition from autumn to winter, and the colors in the sky shift with the colors in the trees. I gaze out my window in the morning and see every color in the spectrum, pink hues in the sky under grey clouds, with spots of yellow shining through between the brown trees, the luscious green grass, black crows cawing and the blue ocean waves. It’s all so magical that I almost think I’m living in augmented reality at times.

Autumn is amazing, and as an introvert I love reading by the window as the snow and rain falls in Canada. Living by the Pacific Ocean is a poet’s dream come true, as even the sounds are mesmerizing. The seagulls, the playing children, the dogs barking, the engines revving.

Thank you Canada for being so beautiful to this happy Italian immigrant! I wouldn’t change a thing.