Why Does My Kitchen Always Stink?

If you found this article, you might be wondering why your own kitchen stinks let alone my kitchen. After all, why should you care if my kitchen stinks? Let me tell you that if I explain why my kitchen stinks then you might realize why your kitchen stinks as well.

Before we get started into my personal Canadian-Italian kitchen, I’ll list some common reasons why people find that their kitchen smells mad and has nasty odors.

5 Common Reasons Kitchens Can Stink

  1. There are dead animals behind the walls or in the subfloor (under the floorboards). Although this is not uniquely to kitchens and could be the cause of bad smells anywhere in the home.
  2. There is rotting food somewhere in the cupboards, drawers, fridge or even hiding under the fridge or dishwasher. So check all hiding spots for rotting food, especially if you have kids or pets. I found one time my cat had hid a piece of meat behind the microwave and it took a week to find it.
  3. There could be mold, mildew or fungus growing under the sink, on the ceiling, behind the fridge, and some molds are way stinkier than others. Follow your nose or hire a professional to find the mold if you suspect this might be the problem.
  4. Your spouse or roommate is very bad at cleaning up after themselves and leave crumbs and dirty dishes lying about. Over time, if there is bad air circulation, just the fact of being unclean can make smells linger in the kitchen. One spot I’d check right now is under the garbage bag in your garbage bin. If there are nasty things in there then it’s proof you need better cleaning habits in the kitchen.
  5. This reason only applies if you live in a townhouse or an apartment building, or if you have a condo, or multiple kitchens in your home. In my experience living in apartments, whenever my neighbor beside me, because our kitchens laid thinly wall to wall to each other, cooked something, I could smell it all throughout my apartment for several hours. But this was a very old building, and for you, depending on the design of the apartments, could have a neighbor below or above who doesn’t turn on their oven hood fan when they cook smelly meals. If this is the case, you can kindly ask them to please turn on their oven hood fans when they’re cooking. If they refuse and it’s causing you harm, you might even be able to take legal action.

But Why Does My (The Author’s) Kitchen Stink?

I didn’t fully mean this to be satirical when I thought of it but it might sound that way. The truth is, my kitchen stinks because I cook Italian food everyday and have really bad air circulation. If you came into my house right now you might crinkle up your nose and run away. Unless you like Italian food, of course…

Thanks for reading!

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