Back and better than ever!

Hello everyone! This Italian-Canadian is back and doing better than ever. 2022 has been amazing so far, as my little update announced in January.

So now I bet you are wondering what the surprise was that distracted me from my regular duties. The truth is that I had the spontaneous idea to go to culinary school. Yes. Cool, right? I am now trained to be a professional chef. I fell in love with Canadian food so much that I wanted to learn how to combine it with Italian food. I already invented a few of my own dishes that I will soon share here on the Padoranviaggi Blog.

5 other things I did while away in the first two quarters of 2022 were:

  1. Got a new pet frog named Tulip.
  2. Got my fifth vaccine booster.
  3. Got my hair dyed blue.
  4. Tried a same sex relationship for the first time (it failed horribly, but would try again).
  5. Grew a new respect for Christianity and Western values after taking some history lessons.

I hope you’re year has been as exciting as mine and I can’t wait to see you back here for more in my upcoming blog posts. Thanks.

Canadian-Italians on the Internet…

canadian-itialian blog

Not many people go to their local library to search for what it’s like to be a Canadian-Italian. Then again, no one really goes to the local library at all. But for the people who are curious, we’ve founded a home for them.

Welcome to the The Padoranviaggi Blog, a place where Canadian-Italians speak their minds. We have many exciting things planned for the near future, so stay tuned. This is our first post of many interesting things to come.

We thank you for being here. Or, as we say in Italian, “Grazie per essere qui.